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In One Take

15 €
US $23

1 CD + illustrated booklet (20 pages)
November 2010

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In One Take

An exquisite musical encounter with two international award-winning concertists, Guo Gan and Fiona Sze-Lorrain, In One Take offers a lyrical choice that blends both classical and contemporary music in the tradition of two ancient Chinese music instruments.

« a magnificent performer (who) shaped melodies with the expressive contours of vocal lines » — The New York Times

« As soon as she touched the zheng strings, the public held its breath »
— Festival de l'Imaginaire, Paris

  1. In the Mood for Love (duo)
  2. The Vulture Captures a Crane (zheng solo)
  3. Moon Reflected on Er Quan (erhu solo)
  4. Tune of a Fisherman Rowing at Dusk (duo)
  5. Horse Racing (erhu solo)
  6. Waltz of the Yao (duo)
  7. Flower Blossoms of the Moonlit Spring River (duo)